Kabir Singh: Shiva's statement on working with Shahid
Kabir Singh: Shiva's statement on working with Shahid

Shahid Kapoor's recently released film Kabir Singh has been liked by the audience and has managed to perform well at the box office despite being a target of many. But the film is not only referring to Shahid's adamant, stubborn and angry character, but also the accolades of Soham Majumdar by playing Kabir Singh's close friend Shiva in the film.

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Actor Soham Majumdar has done a wonderful job in the role of Kabir Singh's friend Shiva, and Soham's character Shiva is Kabir Singh's college friend and always takes care of him. After Kabir Singh is on his way to ruin his life, Shiva helps him in every way and finds him all over the city when he disappears. Even by playing a side character in his first Bollywood film, Soham has been able to capture the attention of the audience.

Soham started his film career in 2018 and his first film came in Bengali, which was named Approach. The film was also praised by Amitabh Bachchan. While Ovik's role was played by Soham in the film approach. "We shot 69 days and I was on a shoot for 60 days. I don't think Shahid gave me some kind of stardom vibes during the shooting. We both wanted to make the scene better as much as we could. We weren't sure before joining the film, he says, adding that the film would be such a big super hit. Kabir Singh's film has so far earned Rs 146 crore in 8 days.

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