Don't do these things during solar eclipse
Don't do these things during solar eclipse

This time a solar eclipse will occur on 21 June. It is going to be visible in India too. Now today we are going to tell you what mistakes you do not have to make even during this time. 

Do not make these mistakes - if you want to see the eclipse then you should not see it with naked eyes. The solar eclipse should not be seen with the naked eye, because the solar eclipse has a bad effect on the eyes. It should be avoided with the naked eye because it can damage your eyes. If you want to see the eclipse, you can see it with a telescope, optical camera viewfinder.

What are the beliefs - There are different beliefs about the eclipse. It is said that eating and drinking anything during the eclipse is prohibited. People should stay in their homes during the eclipse. Apart from this, durva or basil leaves should be eaten and put in water, so that the side effects of an eclipse can be avoided. Not only this but many people believe in taking a bath after the eclipse ends and wear new clothes. Similarly, the mantras worshipping the Surya Dev are also recited during the eclipse.

Pregnant women should pay attention - During a solar eclipse, pregnant women are asked to stay at home and chant the mantra as it is auspicious. People should also avoid drinking water during the eclipse. It is said that food is not cooked till the eclipse is over and during this time do not do any auspicious work because the eclipse is called inauspicious.

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