Some antiviral drugs may be beneficial in the treatment of monkeypox!"

The coronavirus crisis is now over to a large extent, although the spreading infection of monkeypox has brought a new problem in front of the people trying to recover from it. Let us inform all of you that so far people have been affected by this virus in about 15 countries of the world. According to reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) is also advising caution regarding monkeypox, which has infected more than 100 people. That being said, monkeypox usually causes fever, chills, rash and sores on the face, other parts of the body, or genitals. Yes and it can be spread through contact with an infected person or his clothes or sheets. Not only this, but now studies are being done all over the world for its treatment.

However, a recent study has found that some antiviral drugs can reduce the symptoms of monkeypox as well as shorten its transitional period. In fact, in a research paper published in The Lancet Infectious Disease journal, researchers have given details of an earlier study on seven patients who succumbed to monkeypox infection in the UK between 2018 and 2021. In such a situation, he told that two antiviral drugs, Brincidofovir and Tecovirimat, may be helpful in the treatment of this disease. At the same time, according to the study, there is evidence of clinical benefits of brincidofovir, while some more research is needed about tecovirimat. Not only this, Dr Hugh Adler, the author of this study, said, 'A team report from Liverpool University Hospital states that monkeypox virus has been found in blood and throat swabs.'

Apart from this, he further said, 'At present it is not understood what is the reason for the outbreak of monkeypox in Europe and North America in May 2022. The people who have suffered from this disease have neither any travel history nor any known link in the past. As such, our study is the first trial of antiviral use in the treatment of monkeypox in humans. Initially, three patients were given brincidofovir for 7 days after infection with a rash. This showed a difference in the blood test of the liver. According to the researchers, it is not known what the clinical results of different doses of brincidofovir were, but these three patients and one other patient were completely cured.

Let us tell you that these three cases of monkeypox were reported in Britain in 2021. Of these, one was treated with tecoviramat and found that the symptoms of the virus in the upper part of the respiratory system lasted for a short time. After that, all the patients seen were less infected and none faced serious condition. However, one patient showed mild symptoms again after 6 weeks, so more research is needed.

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