Hindi language controversy: 'You are creating trouble in country', says Sonu Nigam to Ajay Devgan

In the controversy over the national language of Hindi, now the famous singer Sonu Nigam has recently given his reaction. In fact, recently he said, "Nowhere in the Constitution is it written that Hindi is our national language. At the same time, in his further statement, Sonu Nigam has expressed his displeasure over Ajay Devgan for creating this controversy. In fact, he said, 'And we have fewer legs than the countries that you are raising in your own country.''

He also said, "Nowhere in the Constitution is it written that Hindi is our national language. It may be the most spoken language, but not the national language. In fact, Tamil is the oldest language. There is a debate between Sanskrit and Tamil. But, people say that Tamil is the oldest language in the whole world. Sonu Nigam said, "There are enough issues that need to be resolved with other countries and it is futile to start a new problem within the country. Are there fewer people than the rest of your countries right now that you are raising in your own country? Why are you doing it. Why is it being discussed? Look at the neighbours around you. And you are creating enemies in your own country that you are Tamilians Hindi speak. Why would they speak? Whoever has to speak will speak. Why are you after someone that a language should be spoken in this country? ''

He also said, "No one should be told in which language to speak. Let Punjabi speak in Punjabi, let Tamilian speak in Tamil. Let the one who is comfortable in English speak in English. Do you also speak in English? All the judgments of our court are given in English, what is this, we should speak Hindi. When I get on a flight, the air hostesses speak in English. Despite speaking in my Hindi, she speaks English. English has become a part of our culture. To think of yourself as great in this country and impose your own language and say that you remember it, how will you remember. There are so many quarrels in this country, that another new quarrel should not be created. '

In fact, a few days ago, Ajay Devgan reacted to Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep's statement in which he said that Hindi is no longer the national language. At the same time, Ajay Devgan reacted to this, saying that if Hindi is not our national language, then why does Kiccha Sudeep release his dubbed films in Hindi.

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