Seeing increasing cases of Omicron, Sonu Sood said- 'My number is still same'
Seeing increasing cases of Omicron, Sonu Sood said- 'My number is still same'

Coronavirus cases are once again on the rise in India. Meanwhile, people seem to be shocked. You must all know that the new variant of corona infection has created havoc among the people and this new variant is called Omicron. For the last three days, corona cases have been on the rise and many are calling it the third wave of the corona. People are now once again seeing fear in their minds.

Sonu Sood, who became the messiah of the people during the lockdown amidst all this, has once again shown his big heart. In fact, he has posted a post and in this post, he has asked people to call freely for help with a safe stay. You all must be aware that Sonu Sood had helped the people amidst the first wave of corona and the second wave. Whether it was help from people with medicine at that time or the help of a family ruined by corona, the person who asked Sonu Sood for help, helped everyone. Now, as soon as the third wave stood possible, he immediately assured people of help.

You can see Sonu Sood post on social media with a picture of himself writing, 'No matter how much corona cases grow, don't need me, but if ever, remember that my phone number is still the same.' With this picture, he captioned it as 'Always just a phone call.' Be safe. Let me tell you that actor Sonu Sood, who emerged as the real hero in the Corona period, saved the life of another girl from Rajasthan some time ago. In fact, the 5-month-old girl, Sania, had a hole in her heart and a respiratory tract. While the family was unable to bear the cost of treatment at a cost of Rs 9 lakh for his treatment, Sonu Sood emerged as a hero and got the baby treated.

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