Sonu Sood Reveals big on tax evasion says- 'two parties had offered but I..'

Sonu Sood, a famous actor and messiah of the needy, is currently accused of tax evasion. The income tax department officials have accused Sonu of tax evasion worth Rs 20 crore. Sonu Sood has now broken his silence on the issue. In a recent interview, Sonu said, "I have never done anything wrong, I have also received an offer for a Rajya Sabha seat twice.''

In a recent interview, Sonu said that he had not broken any law. However, I have been questioned continuously for 4 days by the income tax department officials. In that inquiry, I gave them the correct answers to whatever questions they asked, whatever papers they wanted, I have also given them. I have received an offer for a Rajya Sabha seat from two parties, he added. But I turned it down. Sonu Sood has also said, "I did my job, he did his own thing." Whatever questions he raised, we answered each one of them with full papers. And that is my duty as well.''

On the question of being a "political motive" behind them, he said, "I am not yet to reach a conclusion." And I am working on education. ''I am open-minded. Anytime a region calls me, I will definitely help them. I am not going to be distracted by what has happened, Sonu said. Nor will I stop, the work will continue. You have to travel miles now. And I will continue to work day and night to help the people.''

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