Young Man Ends Life by Burning B.Sc Degree, Suicide Note Leaves Family in Tears: 'Sorry, I'm Going to Betray
Young Man Ends Life by Burning B.Sc Degree, Suicide Note Leaves Family in Tears: 'Sorry, I'm Going to Betray

A shocking incident has emerged from Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, where a young man has committed suicide by hanging himself. Before taking his own life, he burned his BSc degree along with other certificates. A suicide note purportedly written by the deceased has been found, which is deeply emotional. The family members are devastated by the tragedy, unable to stop their tears.

The police initially believe that the young man took such a drastic step due to the inability to secure a job. The suicide note found at the scene expresses the despair of not finding employment despite obtaining a degree. According to the family, the young man was under a lot of stress ever since he took the police recruitment exam. The body of the deceased, named Brajesh Pal, was found hanging in a room at his home in Bhud village of Sadar area.

The suicide note reads, "Mother and father, forgive me. I am going to betray you. Please do not be troubled after my death. I am responsible for my suicide. I no longer wish to live in this world. I did not have any other option. I am leaving you all now. Please forgive me. Today is my last day. I had dinner with my mother, but now I am going to betray her. Take care of father and tell him that this was the only option. Though I am not in this world, do not compromise on Sangita's wedding. Celebrate it with grandeur. I have burned my BSc degree. What is the use of such a degree if it cannot get a job? Half of my life has been spent studying. Brajesh Pal...." Anyone who reads this suicide note would be moved to tears.

The police have stated that handwriting analysis of the suicide note will be conducted. They are investigating the matter thoroughly. The family revealed that he was the only son among two sisters. The father was supporting the family by working a private job in Delhi. The son was actively searching for employment.

This tragic incident highlights the harsh realities faced by many young people in India regarding unemployment and the pressure to succeed in their careers. It sheds light on the mental health challenges and the need for better support systems for individuals grappling with such issues. The pain and sorrow experienced by the family are a stark reminder of the importance of addressing the underlying causes of such tragedies and providing assistance to those.

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