VIDEO: Fly is dangerous or bats, who died face-to-face?

Aug 10 2019 12:16 PM
VIDEO: Fly is dangerous or bats, who died face-to-face?

Who is most dangerous in spiders and bats? If you don't know this, be sure to watch this video. You'll easily understand by looking at it. Indeed, a video of the spider and bat fight on social media is going viral with a lot of speed, in which you can see how the spider has killed the bat in a trap and then started eating it.

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The incident took place in Texas, U.S.A., where a woman named Annette Alaniz Guajardo was on her way out of her car on Wednesday, only to see the horrific scene on her way, and the woman captured the incident on camera. Video of the incident by the woman has been shared on her Facebook.

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According to information from the ABC11 website, entomologist Matt Barton pointed out that the scientific name of the spider is Araneomorphae, which is also very dangerous for humans and is also known for eating spider flies, bees, and insects larger than themselves. This five-minute 19-second video has been viewed more than 11 thousand times so far.

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