Sprinkle Cow milk in the home by this way can Sanctify your house and keep away all evil spirits
Sprinkle Cow milk in the home by this way can Sanctify your house and keep away all evil spirits

If the house you live in is not pure and there are many vaastu defects in it, its effect falls on the life of every person living in the house. When the house is unclean, the people living in that house suffer from troubles, and their life passes through stress all the time. If there is a lot of discord in your home and there remains an atmosphere of tension between the people of the house. So it points to the uncleanness of your house. So you should clean your house and correct the bad architecture of the house. Once the sanctity of the house is right and the architecture of the house is right, the quarrel from your house will be completely removed and people living in the house will get a boost in life.

Why house is unclean

There are many reasons for the uncleanness of the house. Such as not keeping the foundation of the house on the right path or entering the wrong muhurat in the house. Apart from this, there are many things in the house that are not considered as correct according to Vastu Shastra, and these things get tension between the people of the house when they are in the house. Therefore it is said that whenever you go to a new house, enter only that auspicious muhurta in that house and at the same time pay special attention to the architecture of that house.

How to sanctify your home

If you think that your house is not sacred and negative energy is increasing in it, then you can do these remedies to clean your house and eliminate the negative energy present in the house.

Do daily worship

In your house, you worship every morning and evening twice a day and after performing the worship, turn the whole house into the house. By doing so, positive energy will increase in your home. At the same time, you keep the temple of your house in the right direction ie the north-east angle. The north-east corner of the temple is the best and the temple has more impact on the temple than at this angle.

Sprinkle cow's milk for 21 days

The cow's milk is considered very sacred and if the milk is sprinkled in the house then the house becomes completely pure. Take the milk of raw cow and mix pure honey and ganga water in it and after sunset, sprinkle this milk in every room of your house, corner and roof. After sprinkling these milk in the whole house, you finally came to the main door of your house, and making the remains of the remaining milk kept it near the main door. While doing so, keep repeating God's name. You can do this for 21 consecutive days. By taking these measures the house environment will be good and peace will prevail in the house.

Remove negative things from home

Many things kept in the house also make the house impure. That's why you remove things from your house that are full of negative. 

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