Sri Lanka Takes a Bold Step: Visa-Free Entry for 7 Countries, Including India
Sri Lanka Takes a Bold Step: Visa-Free Entry for 7 Countries, Including India

In a significant move, the Sri Lankan Cabinet has granted approval for the issuance of visa-free entry to visitors from seven nations, including India, in a groundbreaking pilot project set to run until March 31. This pivotal development was announced via a tweet by Sri Lanka's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Sabry.

The countries granted visa-free access to Sri Lanka under this project encompass India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand. This bold endeavor signifies Sri Lanka's commitment to fostering strong international ties and promoting tourism, trade, and collaboration on a global scale.

Foreign Minister Ali Sabry, earlier in March, expressed the profound importance of the relationship between Sri Lanka and India in the realm of foreign policy. He emphasized the desire to strengthen this invaluable partnership and collaborate more closely with New Delhi to boost economic recovery and bilateral trade. Minister Sabry revealed aspirations of integrating the Indian currency as a tradable currency in Sri Lanka, echoing the successful model employed with Singapore. He lauded India's immense potential, with a vast population of 300 to 400 million travelers, suggesting the prospect of utilizing the Indian currency for transactions within Sri Lanka.

This visionary step towards visa-free entry for seven countries underscores Sri Lanka's determination to foster cooperation and economic growth within the region, aligning with its broader international objectives. It not only simplifies travel but also lays the foundation for enhanced economic partnerships between these nations. Sri Lanka's decision to welcome visitors with open arms from these seven countries is indicative of a forward-thinking approach to international relations and commerce.

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