SSB soldier arrested woman with 40 lakh opium from Nepal border

Oct 11 2020 04:41 PM
SSB soldier arrested woman with 40 lakh opium from Nepal border

Patna: A consignment of narcotics is being recovered continuously amidst Bihar assembly elections. Today, SSB soldiers have recovered opium worth Rs 40 lakh on the Nepal-Raxaul border. A woman smuggler has been arrested by the soldiers from the border. The soldier has recovered 800 grams of opium from her possession. The price of the recovered opium is said to be around Rs 40 lakh.

The SSB soldiers have stepped up the border on the elections. SSP soldiers informed that the woman was hiding opium in polythene. She was about to supply another smuggler. Before that, the soldiers arrest her. SSB personnel have handed over the woman to the local police station. Police are questioning the accused woman.

In Bihar, a huge cache of illicit liquor is also being recovered even after the liquor was seized. The demand for liquor in Bihar is said to have increased further. Liquor smugglers are carrying liquor consignments from several states despite temperance. A large quantity of illicit liquor has been recovered in several districts within a week so far.

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