90-year-old woman starts her own business with help of her grand daughter
90-year-old woman starts her own business with help of her grand daughter

Today we will tell you the story of a 90-year-old woman who started her own business at this age, her story will touch your heart. Harbhajan Kaur, a resident of Chandigarh, told her daughter Raveena about her unfulfilled wish and said that she got everything but she did not earned anything. After telling this, she got engaged in her work, but the talk had just started for her daughter Raveena. At the same time, the daughter decided that she would fulfill her dream and try to get the mother out of that regret.

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In a few years, 90-year-old Harbhajan Kaur, who made Besan's barfi and different types of pickles, became famous all over Chandigarh. Raveena says that since childhood she has eaten her mother's handmade food and she always cook very good food. Everyone appreciates her food so Raveena tried to give a platform to her mother's talent.

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Talking about the beginning of this journey, Raveena says that in the beginning, her mother started selling barfi only by setting up shop in the local market where she got only 2000 rupees but this earning was too big for a duodenum. This brought her confidence. Harbhajan not only works continuously at the age of this, she started selling the barfi and pickle with great enthusiasm in the market, and she also enjoyed the work. After this, along with selling Barfi in the market, she also started taking orders. Harbhajan's granddaughter started helping her Barfi's branding and packaging immensely and its tagline is "Childhood Remembrance".

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