CM Manoharlal's big announcement, unskilled employee gets special gift
CM Manoharlal's big announcement, unskilled employee gets special gift

On Friday, Chief Minister Manohar Lal clearly said that industrial companies in Haryana will now have to provide 75 percent of the employment in the unskilled category to the Haryanvi youth. This rule already exists in the land-use change (CLU) required for setting up industries, which the state government will strictly implement. Industrial units will be able to recruit local youth with the help of competent youth and employment offices. Chief Minister Manohar Lal said this while showing the hundred-day achievements and future roadmap of the BJP-JJP coalition government at Haryana residence in Chandigarh. Manohar Lal said that the decision is being churned by the government to give the form of law. This proposal can come in the budget session of the assembly.

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Manohar Lal government started the second term on 27 October 2019. On February 5, the hundred days of the government were over, but Chief Minister Manohar Lal could not give his report card that day due to the preoccupation of campaigning for the Delhi Assembly elections. Applied with paddy. The Chief Minister said that to find out the actual employment status of local youth in industries, a survey is being conducted through the Department of Industries and Labor.

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Apart from this, he said that after the report in this regard, industrialists will be obliged to provide employment to unskilled youth of the concerned area or district. If an industrialist does not get 75% unskilled workers in his area or district Will be free to manage it from The Chief Minister made it clear that there will be no provision for any legal action against the industrialist concerned in this matter.

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