Exploited for 10 years after love marriage, then suddenly left for this reason

Auraiya: A big incident is coming out from Auraiya of Uttar Pradesh, here 10 years of love and now the reason for not living together is religious conversion. The husband has threatened to end the relationship after pressurizing the woman to convert. A similar incident has come to light from Auraiya district where a woman has lodged a complaint after reaching the police station. The woman alleged that a Muslim boy trapped her in love after being married and kept her with him for ten years. The woman alleges that now he is pressurizing her to convert and is refusing to keep her with him. When the woman insisted to live with him, he beat her up. The police are talking about the investigation of the whole matter.

The same woman from the Jhansi district told that she had a love marriage with a person named Shahzad. He stayed with me for 10 years but suddenly one day he left me. When she kept searching for him for 6 months, she came to know that he is a resident of the Auraiya district and when the woman reached her house, she came to know that Shahzad had a second wife as well. But when the victim woman told about the culprit Shahzad and his family members about her marriage, his family members started fighting. In order to keep her, Shahzad often used to pressurize her to convert.

The victim woman, a resident of Jhansi, who has been searching for her husband for the last 6 months, has given a complaint to the Auraiya police. In which it is written that a person named Shahzad Raine trapped her in love and did a love marriage with her. Along with this, he also exploited me physically and financially. Shahzad left me in Jhansi and went away. In the meantime, Shahzad often used to talk about religious conversion on me and used to pressurize me. According to the victim, she kept searching for her husband for the last 6 months, then she somehow got the address of Auraiya district. After that, when she went to his house today, his family members thrashed her badly and hurled abuses, and drove her away. Regarding this whole incident, Deputy SP Pradeep Kumar told that a woman has given a complaint letter in Auraiya Kotwali, Where she is a resident of the Jhansi district. She has written in the complaint letter that she had a love marriage with a man 10 years ago in Jhansi. There was a fight between the two over some issue and he left her and went away. Police have registered a case and an investigation is being started into this whole matter.

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