Young man arrives at hospital with severe pain in stomach, doctors remove glass from stomach
Young man arrives at hospital with severe pain in stomach, doctors remove glass from stomach

A video has emerged from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh which is shocking. Everyone who saw this video got shocked. In fact, in this video, the doctors have taken out a large glass of steel by operating from the stomach of a patient. You won't believe your eyes. On the other hand, the patient is said to be healthy after the operation. The most surprising thing is how did a large glass of steel get inside the patient's stomach? On the other hand, doctors are also answering it by speculating. At the same time, some people are calling this claim fake and calling it only the way of the doctors' self-promotion.


The case is being reported from Kotwa Bhatauli village of Maharajganj development block. Samarnath, who lives here, had a severe stomach ache for three-four days and after that, he went to several doctors, though he did not get any relief. After that, somehow he reached Siddharth Hospital at Wajidpur in Jaunpur. When the doctor Lal Bahadur Siddharth here did an x-ray to check the real cause of the patient's stomach pain, he was shocked to see the report. In fact, the doctor saw a pipe-shaped object in the patient's stomach in the X-ray report.

Now it is claimed that when the patient's stomach was operated upon, a large glass of steel came out from inside his stomach. Dr Lal Bahadur Siddharth has also shared a video of the operation which you can watch here. In this video, the doctor is seen operating on the patient's stomach and removing a glass of steel from inside him. During this time, the nurse who was present with the doctor during the operation is seen making a video of this. On the other hand, there is no news about how a large glass of steel reached inside the patient's stomach.

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