This man hasn't bathed in 22 years, also lost his job because of this

Gopalganj: Everyone is shocked by the strange act of a person in Gopalganj, Bihar. Dharamdev Ram, 62, has not bathed for the past 22 years and is still adamant about not bathing. What is even more shocking is that the person's body smells a lot, but he has not been sick yet. He lost his job because not bathing. He worked in a jute factory in Kolkata.  

Dharmadev Ram has taken a unique pledge behind not bathing, which is very surprising. He says that he will not bathe until the atrocities, land disputes and killings of women are over. Only after these three demands are fulfilled will he pour water on his body. Dharamdev has been living near Brahmasthan of the village for the past 22 years. Even after the death of his wife Maya Devi in 2003, he did not bathe. Then his 2 sons died, yet he did not pour a drop of water on the body.

The people of the same village say that Dharmadev does tantra-mantra, due to which he has got some mental illness. Because of this, he is insisting not bathing. Dharamdev says that in 1987, he suddenly felt that land disputes, murder and atrocities against women had started increasing. Since then, he has taken a pledge that if atrocities will not stop, he will not bathe. Due to this, he spent 6 months with a guru and took Gurudakshina. Dharmadeva considers Lord Shri Ram as his idol and brings his words into his life.  

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