Apply mascara in this way for a beautiful look

Aug 25 2019 12:08 PM
Apply mascara in this way for a beautiful look

Makeup is considered to be very special for women. No one likes to go to a wedding party or an office function without makeup. So your mascara makes your look completely different. If applied correctly, your look is perfect, but a small mistake can give you an ugly look. Let's know how to apply kajal.

How to apply mascara

If you want your mascara to be smudge proof all day long, first wash and clean your face.

Make sure there is no dust or oil on the face. Since kajal does not last long even on oily skin.
So wash the face thoroughly first.

After washing the face, use face powder or foundation. Be careful not to get it inside your eyes. Close your eyes and blend with sponges to apply to the upper part. Doing so will smooth the skin, which will help the mascara last for a longer period of time.

Apply mascara on the lower waterline first to apply mascara.

If you want, you can also apply kajal over your eyes. Nowadays, the market has variety of smudge-proof mascaras that do not spread for a long time.

Then use the eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner from the inside to the outside. This will correct the shape of the eyeliner.

Applying a liner after mascara does not spread mascara so it gives a bold look. That makes the eyes look more beautiful.

One more thing to keep in mind, if you're putting bold mascara below, keep the eyeliner thin. And if the eyeliner is putting bold, apply kajal only on the lower waterline. Because if you apply both the liner and the mascara bold, the eyes will look smaller. Instead of putting one thing bold and one thing thin, the eyes will look beautiful.

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