A WhatsApp Status Reaches Woman In Jail, Know The Whole Case
A WhatsApp Status Reaches Woman In Jail, Know The Whole Case

A shocking incident has been surfaced through social media. According to reports, a social media hobby has put a woman behind bars. In fact, the woman worked as a domestic conductor at the home of a wing commander of the Airforce and stole the clothes of the wing commander's wife and jewelry worth millions.

When the officer's wife suspected the maid, the maid refused to take a stand in the incident. The wing commander was then transferred and the maid was rest assured. While she photographed the wing commander's wife wearing clothes and jewelry and uploaded it to WhatsApp states, she forgot to hide it from the wing commander's wife. She was surprised to see the photo. She then went to the maid's house and informed the police about the incident. Police recovered stolen goods from the woman's house and arrested the woman and took her into custody.

The accused woman has now been taken into custody and charged in the case. According to the information received in the case, the accused woman posted her status on WhatsApp on August 15, which surprised the wing commander's wife and went to the police and made a comparison. In the police interrogation, Ahilya has admitted her crime.

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