This is 600-year-old wall of China, no one even knows about it

Feb 12 2020 04:51 PM
This is 600-year-old wall of China, no one even knows about it

The wall of China is very famous all over the world. The wall of China is also counted among the wonders of the world. There is another great wall in China, which you may not have even heard of. So, let's tell you about another famous historical wall in China. This wall is in Nanjing city of China. This 600-year-old wall covers the city in its presence. This wall is more than 35 kilometers long. More than 35 crore bricks have been used to build this wall of Nanjing. The interesting thing is that the name of the one who made it is written in many bricks. Chi Jhiru, 90, is a resident of Nanjing. He has contributed a lot in trying to save this wall. Nanjing, like the rest of China, is making rapid progress. Therefore, a lot of work is being done around this wall. Chi Jhiru says that we have to save not only this wall but our entire heritage.

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When Japan attacked China during the second world war, the Japanese could not destroy this wall. Chi Jhiru says that we have destroyed this wall. The wall was completely ignored in the 1950s and 60s. Many parts of it collapsed. Wall bricks were removed and used to build other buildings. Parts of this historic wall of Nanjing were broken to make roads. Overall, the wall was demolished in many places for the city's economic progress. Chi Jhiru says that he too stole two bricks from this wall. He says, "Once I saw a hole in the wall. A lot of debris was spread around. Farmers used to come to sell their vegetables there. They used to decorate their belongings on the bricks of this wall. Some people used to sit bricks. I could not believe that people are making these historical bricks a table. So I stole two bricks and put them in the bag."

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In 2016, the local government of Nanjing also started a campaign. People were appealed that if they return the bricks of this historic wall, then they will not face any penalty. The people returned 80 thousand bricks to the local administration. Chi Jiru also returned two stolen bricks to the government. All these have been kept in the godown built under the wall. Now the wall is being repaired with the help of these bricks. Many parts of the wall have also been developed as places for local people to move around.

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