Strong earthquake hits Jammu and Kashmir
Strong earthquake hits Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu: Earthquake tremors were felt in Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday morning. National Seismology Center has informed about this. The Center for Seismology has said that at 8.53 am the intensity measured in Kishtwar was 3.6 on the Richter scale. Due to this, no information has been received at present about any loss of life or property.

Why do earthquakes occur?: There are 7 plates inside the Earth, which keep rotating continuously. The zone where these plates collide is called fault line. Due to repeated collision the plates bend towards each other. When too much pressure builds up, the plates break. The energy below finds a way out and after the disturbance an earthquake occurs.
Know what is the meaning of the center and intensity of an earthquake?: In this regard, the center of an earthquake is the place just below which geological energy starts getting released due to the movement in the plates. Earthquake vibrations are more at this place. As the frequency of vibration increases, its effect starts decreasing. However, if there is an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or more on the Richter scale, then the shock is even stronger within a radius of 40 km. But it also depends on whether the seismic frequency is upward or downward. If the frequency of vibration is higher then less area may be affected.

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