Dangerous storm in the Philippines amid Corona crisis
Dangerous storm in the Philippines amid Corona crisis

Manila: It is well known to all of us that the coronavirus has become an enemy of people's lives all over the world, millions of people are getting infected due to this virus every day. Every day, thousands of people are losing their lives due to this virus. Not only this, Philippines (AP) - A powerful storm struck the eastern Philippines on Thursday after authorities evacuated tens of thousands of people while trying to avoid the risk of the virus in emergency shelters in congested areas. Vicent Malano, Administrator of the US, said that the first thunderstorm to hit the country this year increased rapidly as it blew off the Pacific and San Polikarpio town in Eastern Samar province heap of ashes. The typhoon came as the Philippines is trying to fight the outbreak of COVID-19 by shutting down Filipinos in their homes and prohibiting the ceremonies that establish the infection. More than 11,600 infection cases have been registered in this country, including 772 deaths. According to the information found, Typhoon Wongfong, which is hitting with maximum winds of 150 kilometres per hour (93 mph) and 185 kilometres per hour (115 mph), is densely populated in the eastern provinces before exiting and Rapid storms were predicted in the northwest and barrels in the cities.

Excessive congestion in emergency shelters is a common sight in the archipelago of about 20 typhoons and storms per annum and regularly encounters volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Many officers faced a dilemma to protect the villagers from double threats. At the same time, a video showed severe rain and wind gusts shattering coconut trees, ripping tin roofs and obscuring visibility in Eastern Samar, where some cities lost power "It's too complicated," the typhoon A city mayor Benjamin Weir told the Associated Press by telephone. There is a risk of landslides and floods in remote areas. The city of eastern Samar province is surrounded by mountains and is surrounded by two rivers which often flow in storms. The only evacuation centre for its 8,000 villagers is a gymnasium and town hall where residents can be given shelter from the storm. Ver, who is also the city's only doctor, said he had acquired enough face masks to protect his villagers from the virus in the town hall when the typhoon hit. If all the villagers had been stopped in the town itself, the social disturbances would have been "almost impossible", but Ver said he would see what else could be done. Provincial Gov. Ben Everdon said Zipped and the entire Eastern Samar, a province of half a million people, fortunately, free of coronavirus infection, unlike neighbouring areas, all emergency shelters have been turned into quarantine facilities with medical equipment in the event of an outbreak, But if a large number of people need shelter, it can be re-arranged in evacuation centres.

Northern Samar Provincial Government. Edwin Ongchuan said that he has asked for the normal number of school buildings to be converted into typhoon shelters to accommodate about 80,000 residents who were being forcibly evacuated from high-risk coastal villages. "If we used to use 10 school buildings earlier, we would now need 20 to avoid social disturbance," Ongchuan said over the telephone. The government meteorological agency warned that "with large swings, this storm could potentially cause deadly coastal flooding" and said the voyage is expected to be affected by Vongfong, a Vietnamese word for PP. Metropolis Manila also will not be directly affected by this storm, but it can happen with strong winds. Milano said that the authorities were advised to remove several medical quarantine tents set up outside the hospitals. It has been learned that the eastern area affected by Wongfong was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, which killed more than 7,300 people or went missing, levelling the entire village, ships, and more than 5 million were displaced.

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