This woman crushes big melons between thighs, sets world record

Apr 30 2021 02:53 PM
This woman crushes big melons between thighs, sets world record

There are many strange people around the world who surprise everyone with their exploits. Now today we are going to introduce you to one such woman. She has made his name in the Guinness World Record with his work. In fact, we are talking about a Ukrainian woman who has set a world record for crushing 3 watermelons between her thighs at the fastest time.



The woman's name is Olga Liashchuk who crushed 3 watermelons between her thighs in 14.65 seconds. Now her video has also been shared by the Guinness World Record on its social media page which is fast going viral. Olga wanted her to become the strongest woman in the world. In that case, she started working hard which she is still doing.

You can see in this shared video how Olga quickly crushed big melons between her thighs as if it were a mango or a banana-like small, soft fruit. "They thought it would be easier than the other strength record, but it was very difficult," says Olga, who successfully set the record. Now, on social media, this video of the Guinness World Record is being loved by the people and people are seen building pools of praise for the woman.

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