Students Protesting Jal Satyagraha in a pond near Bhopal
Students Protesting Jal Satyagraha in a pond near Bhopal

Students Union Protesting Jal Satyagraha in a pond close to Bhopal's Neelam Park demanding employment and education from the state government.These students have been protesting in the pond of Bhopal since last week.Previously, these students took a road show to protest against the state government on the employment.

As we all know that the winter chilling is on the peak but those student protesting since a week Despite the teeth-cluttering cold weather, the students were sitting on the road to demand employment and other basic facilities.The head of the Student union, Manish, while talking said, "We had written to all concerned authorities and informed them about our needs but no action was taken".

"Our main demands are education and employment. We had seen in the previous 50 years that there were no universities or schools for us and the students who have completed schools have nowhere to go. Blind people also have to give full tax for electricity while traders or businessmen have the leisure of fifty percent cut that is just half while giving the electricity bill," said by Student union Manish.


He further added that they will continue the protest until their demands will not get fulfilled.

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