Sub-inspector arrested for mortgaging rental cars

Aug 05 2020 11:06 AM
Sub-inspector arrested for mortgaging rental cars

Anantapur: The crime happening these days does not seem to be curbed. Meanwhile, a case has come up that belongs to a sub-inspector. He took the path of theft and took a car on rent and started mortgaging it. This case has come up after the complaint of the victims in this case. In this case, on Tuesday, the police arrested the sub-inspector on the basis of the complaint.

While talking about this matter, SI Mohan Kumar Goud said, 'Venkatramesh, who was working as a constable in the Putluru police station area, got into the habit of gambling. He became a debtor every time he lost in gambling. To repay the loan, he started mortgaging car after taking it on rent. Apart from this, it has also been said, 'Sub-inspector without any hesitation mortgaged 20 cars after taking it on rent. He gambled with the money he got. Every day he lost in gambling. Meanwhile, the owners of the car put pressure on him due to not paying the rent. But he misused his position and he himself started threatening people. Finally, upset with him, the owners of the car lodged a complaint against him at the police station.

In this case, the police arrested the sub-inspector on the basis of the complaint and the police say that he had mortgaged the cars for 45 lakh 57 thousand rupees. Three cars have been found from him and now these cars will be given to the owners soon.

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