Answer these questions of geography to get success in competitive exams
Answer these questions of geography to get success in competitive exams

Let's prepare some such questions of geography which are very important for any competitive exam.

How long does Uranus take an orbit around the Sun? - 84 years
What distance does the earth travel around per minute? - 49 km
Stars are of which colour? - of its temperature
Which planet emits green light? - Neptune
How long does the sun take to revolve around the centre of our galaxy? - 25 million years
Which is the most valid theory of the origin of the universe? - Big Bang Theory
What is the Earth's galaxy called? - Mandakini

What is the boundary outside which stars suffer from internal death? - Chandrasekhar Seema
What is the first discovered asteroid? - Cirrus
The 'Black Hall theory' was given by - S. Chandrashekhar
To what degree is the tilt in the Earth and the lunar plane? - 5 ° C

What is the brightest star in the sky? - Cyrus (Dog Star)
Which celestial body is called 'Earth son'? - Moon
What causes star twinkle? - Refraction of light
The colour of the sky appears blue due to which event? - Due to scattering
How far is 'Andromeda' from our galaxy? - 2.2 million light years
On which planet was the spacecraft Magellan sent? - Mars

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