Flying Car to be launched soon, read deatils

Aug 29 2020 05:38 PM
Flying Car to be launched soon, read deatils

Every person who drives a car must at some time hope for a car that flies into the sky instead of the road. This desire increases even more when we get stuck in a long jam, or go to some place where the road is in very bad condition. If you have also wanted this, then your dream can soon become a reality in the coming time.

Actually, Skydrive Inc. of Japan has successfully tested its flying car. However, only one person can sit in this car. The company has also released a video of this car. In this video, the car looks like a motorcycle is flying in the air. In the video it can be seen that a person is sitting inside it. However, the height of the train remained one to two meters from the ground. This Skydrive flying car remained in the air for four minutes in a designated area.

Skydrive's project, led by Tomohiro Fukuzawa, was executed. After a successful test, Tomohiro Fukujawa said that by 2023, production samples of the flying car are expected to arrive. However, he also believed that making it safe is a big challenge. He further said that in the present time there are more than 100 projects going on all over the world regarding flying cars, but only a few of them are successful in flying with a human being. The same is now eagerly awaiting the arrival of such a car.

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