Suddenly 40 crocodiles attacked the elder, even the police were stunned

A 72-year-old man was attacked by 40 crocodiles in Cambodia. The old man died painfully in this attack. Both his hands and one leg were missing when he was pulled out of the crocodile enclosure. There were injury marks on the body. The whole body was mutilated. It was told that the crocodiles were resting in the water when the man tried to tease them with the help of a stick. The incident is from Cambodia. 

According to the report, the name of the deceased is Luan Nam. Luan was a farmer by profession and lived in the town of Kroong Siem Reap in Cambodia. The previous day, he fell into a cage full of crocodiles. He lost his life in this accident. He had been taking care of crocodiles for many years. The incident took place when Luan was trying to pull a crocodile out of the cage through a stick. Actually, crocodiles laid eggs there. Luan thought that they could harm the eggs. But then the crocodile pulled Luan towards him. On seeing this, other crocodiles also broke down on them. 

By the time people reached Luan's aid, crocodiles bit his entire body. After some time, Luan's blood-soaked body was taken out. Both hands and one leg of the Luan were swallowed. There were injuries from head to leg. Seeing the scene, the rescuers also woke up. Cambodian police said Luan was teasing the crocodile with a stick in an egg-laying cage when he attacked them. There were so many injury marks on Luan's body that it was difficult to count. 

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