Sudhanshu Pandey is requested to watch 'Anupama' by Uorfi Javed as he called her 'ghastly'
Sudhanshu Pandey is requested to watch 'Anupama' by Uorfi Javed as he called her 'ghastly'

Sudhanshu Pandey recently criticised Uorfi Javed. To respond to a video of a topless Uorfi eating laddoo while wishing fans a happy Diwali, the actor, who can be seen in the hit TV show Anupamaa, took to Instagram Stories. He described her video as "ghastly," and after watching it, he expressed his "enragement." After hearing what he said, Uorfi responded by telling him to watch his own show, Anupamaa, and learn more about "women empowerment."

On Wednesday, Uorfi posted a news article with the headline "Anupamaa actor Sudhanshu Pandey calls Uorfi Javed ghastly; is the female body so offensive?" on Instagram Stories. "Very well written," she commented after sharing it. You ought to read this, Sudhanshu Pandey.

Uorfi continued, "The irony," and posted a second note on Instagram Stories to the actor. Anupamaa is a television programme about women's empowerment in which a woman defies all the socially prescribed "normal." Why don't you, Sudhanshu, watch your own show? potentially gain knowledge Rupali Ganguly is the main actor in the show.

Recently, Sudhanshu posted a message about Uorfi on Instagram Stories, which he later deleted. He said, "I don't follow this person, but I still have to see such obscene sights every day thanks to news channels. Seeing this infuriates me. How dare you promote a holiday like Diwali that makes such a mockery of good fortune? God forbid it be missed, today is Laxmi poojan day.

Uorfi responded to his remarks by saying earlier on Instagram Stories, "You see such horrifying sights because you don't control the world. Though I don't like it when men like you tell everyone that you don't like seeing me, I can tolerate it. Right?" In addition, she said "However, it was important to raise your voice against me because what I put on my body is your business. By the way, I've never seen you raise your voice against any man or sexual predators in the industry.

In addition to appearing in Bigg Boss OTT from the previous year, Uorfi began her acting career in TV shows in 2016. She frequently makes headlines for her fashion choices, which can be seen in both her own posts and paparazzi videos on social media. Uorfi recently found herself in legal trouble because of her most recent music video, which was released on October 11 and is for the song Haye Haye Yeh Majboori.

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