Suicide machine death without pain in 1 minute in Switzerland, legal approval for death machine

The use of suicide machines has been legally permitted by the Swiss government. The company that manufactures it claims that the machine can kill any person within 1 minute without any pain. This machine remains coffin-shaped. The oxygen level through this machine is greatly reduced leading to death within 1 minute. Dr Philip Nitske (Dr Philip Nitschke), director of Exit International, has created this 'death machine'. He is also called 'Dr. Death'.

Euthanasia has been legalised in Switzerland. Exit International claims that last year, 1,300 people in Switzerland were happy with the help of others. The machine is said to be designed for individuals who are unable to move due to illness. According to the report,  the sick person can also run this machine by blinking inside the machine. The machine is fitted with a biodegradable capsule that can be used as a coffin.

This machine has been named Sarco and has just been introduced as a prototype. Dr. Nitske explained, 'If all goes well, the machine will be available by next year. This is the most expensive project ever, but we are very close to it.' However, Dr. Nitske has also been criticized for making such a machine. The Independent said some people have questioned how to use the machine. People say it's a terrible gas chamber. Some people also say that the machine will incite individuals to commit suicide. The prototypes of the two machines are currently ready. The third machine is also being produced and is expected to be ready by next year.

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