After Ruling Over Oman for 49 Yrs, Sultan Qaboos passes away
After Ruling Over Oman for 49 Yrs, Sultan Qaboos passes away

Muscat: Qaboos bin Saeed Al Saeed, Sultan of Oman, died at the age of 79. He was the longer most ruling Sultan in Arabia. Government media has given information in this regard on Saturday. According to a report by the news agency Xinhua, the official TV public channel was quoted as saying, "The Royal Court of Dewan announced mourning and the closure of official work in the public and private sector for three days and the flag bending for the next 40 days." 

According to the media, the Sultan who ruled Oman for almost half a century was unmarried and had no heir or designated successor. According to a BBC report, he returned home last month after a health checkup and treatment in Belgium. Sultan Qaboos, at the age of 29, nonviolently toppled his father in 1970 at the age of 29. He then used the country's oil wealth to lead it on the path of development.

According to the Basic Statute of the Sultanate, members of the Royal Family Council with 50 male members should elect a new Sultan within three days to fill the vacant post.

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