Laxman said it is difficult for Bollywood stars to play role of Ramayana
Laxman said it is difficult for Bollywood stars to play role of Ramayana

Ramayana has not yet been made into a film. The reason is that the story is very long and it is very difficult to integrate it into a three-hour film. No film director has taken this challenge so far, butno one knows if any filmmaker will take this big responsibility tomorrow. Actor Sunil Lahiri, who played the role of Laxman in Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana, told a conversation with a media reporter that if Bollywood's characters were to be chosen for Ramayan, who would fit which character according to him.

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Sunil Lahiri said, "The stars are all good in the industry, but the biggest thing that is a strong image of these stars today, it is difficult to roll out and leave an impression. Whereas, in the period when Ramanand Sagar created the Ramayana, the artists were very sensitive not only in choosing their future projects but also in their personal nature and habits. There were also major changes." During a conversation on a show, Arun Govil had told how he quit smoking cigarettes after doing the show and at any cost he would not let the photographers take any photographs with the glass in his hand.

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Sunil Lahiri said in a conversation with Aaj Tak, "Our image left a mark 33 years ago. It will be difficult to break it. It is not that Ranveer Singh cannot become Ram. But he has a very strong The image has been made, when someone else plays the characters of Ramayana, people will search for the old characters." Sunil asked when asked which actor is considered perfect for the role of Laxman, "Stars are so many but I think Hrithik Roshan will be good for Laxman. His features aresharp. He will sit very fit into it."

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