50 Lesser-Known Facts About Sunny Deol, Spanning Personal to Professional
50 Lesser-Known Facts About Sunny Deol, Spanning Personal to Professional

Sunny Deol, a well-known Bollywood actor, is currently in the news (Sunny Deol Controversies) due to his involvement in the upcoming movie "Gadar 2". While Sunny has achieved great success in his professional career, he has also been associated with several controversies in his (Sunny Deol Controversies) personal life. Here are 50 important things to know about Sunny Deol:

  1. Sunny Deol was born on October 19, 1956, and his real name is Ajay Singh Deol.
  2. He is called Sunny at home and chose this name for his film career.
  3. Sunny is the eldest son of Dharmendra and has a younger brother named Bobby Deol, as well as two sisters, Vijayta and Ajita. His two half-sisters, Isha and Ahana Deol, live in America.
  4. Dharmendra introduced Sunny to the film industry with the movie "Betaab" in 1983. The film was a hit and established Sunny as a young and confident actor.
  5. Before entering films, Dharmendra sent Sunny to Birmingham to learn acting.
  6. During his studies, Sunny used to wear his father's jeans and proudly tell his friends that these were worn by Dharmendra in the movie "Sholay."
  7. Sunny has immense respect and love for his father Dharmendra. He is usually quiet in front of his father.
  8. Dharmendra is Sunny's favorite actor.
  9. His favorite song is "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas" from his father's movie "Blackmail."
  10. Among actresses, Sunny admires Tanuja a lot.
  11. Sunny values family and prefers to live in a joint family setup. He has a strong bond with his parents.
  12. He avoids film parties, considering many people there to be insincere and dishonest.
  13. Sunny refrains from alcohol and cigarettes.
  14. Sunny is a fan of Sylvester Stallone and loves the "Rambo" film series. He even built his strong physique inspired by Stallone.
  15. His muscular build led him to action roles, earning him the nickname "India's Arnold."
  16. Sunny is recognized as one of Bollywood's top action heroes.
  17. Despite facing several flops after "Betaab," Sunny received praise for his performances in films like "Arjun," "Dakait," and "Yatim."
  18. He found success again with movies like "Paap Ki Duniya" and "Tridev" in 1988.
  19. "Ghayal" in 1990 marked a turning point in Sunny's career. He won the National Film Award and Filmfare Best Actor Award for his exceptional performance.
  20. Winning the Filmfare Award for "Ghayal" made Dharmendra very proud, as he himself had never achieved this feat.
  21. "Ghayal" also marked the beginning of Sunny's collaboration with director Rajkumar Santoshi.
  22. Working on "Darr" in 1993 was a negative experience for Sunny due to on-set issues.
  23. Sunny and Rajkumar Santoshi worked on successful films like "Ghayal," "Ghatak," and "Damini," but their relationship soured later.
  24. Sunny values honesty and dislikes dishonest people. He avoids working with those he has conflicts with.
  25. Although Sunny appeared in films with Anil Kapoor, their relationship was strained, causing disruptions on set.
  26. In the past, the trio of Sunny Deol, Anil Kapoor, and Jackie Shroff held sway in Bollywood, similar to the legendary trio of Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, and Raj Kapoor.
  27. Sunny initially planned a film named "London" with Gurinder Chadha, but due to differences, he directed "Dillagi" himself, starring Karisma Kapoor and Urmila Matondkar.
  28. Sunny's films clashed with Aamir Khan's films three times, with both actors achieving success each time.
  29. "Gadar - Ek Prem Katha" released in 2001 became Sunny's biggest hit, setting a ticket sales record.
  30. "Gadar" outperformed "Lagaan" at the box office despite initial predictions favoring the latter.
  31. Sunny's iconic hand pump scene in "Gadar" was widely acclaimed and showcased his unique style.
  32. Pakistani actresses praised Sunny as a true male hero after "Gadar."
  33. Sunny's films had high replay value, often screening multiple times in the same city.
  34. He faced setbacks in his career due to back problems, causing him to miss out on several film projects.
  35. Sunny collaborated with directors like Rahul Rawail, Rajkumar Santoshi, Anil Sharma, and JP Dutta for successful films.
  36. Sunny is a reserved person who avoids discussing his personal life.
  37. While studying in England, he fell in love with Pooja and got married. Pooja prefers to stay away from the public eye.
  38. Despite rumors, Sunny's relationship with Dimple Kapadia and Raveena Tandon has never been officially confirmed.
  39. Sunny has few friends in the industry but shares good relationships with Sanjay Dutt, Shilpa Shetty, Tabu, and Amrita Singh.
  40. Sunny believes that many in the industry are insincere, making his friendship with Sanjay Dutt stand out.
  41. After 2003, Sunny's career declined, although he occasionally impressed with movies like "Yamla Pagla Deewana" and "Ghayal Once Again."
  42. Sunny still prefers lead roles over character roles, unlike some of his contemporaries.
  43. Sunny received two National Awards and several Filmfare Awards for his performances.
  44. While known for his action roles, Sunny also excelled in romantic and social films.
  45. Notable movies in Sunny's career include "Betaab," "Arjun," "Ghayal," "Ghatak," "Damini," "Border," and "Gadar."
  46. In the mid-1990s, Sunny delivered five consecutive hit films: "Jeet," "Ajay," "Ghatak," "Border," and "Ziddi."
  47. He frequently starred alongside Amrita Singh, Sridevi, and Dimple Kapadia.
  48. Sunny dislikes dancing on screen and finds it challenging.
  49. Sunny's roles as honest and principled young men resonated with audiences.
  50. Despite his on-screen intensity, Sunny is a peaceful person in real life. His action scenes were so engaging that audiences sometimes became excited and even tore cinema (Sunny Deol Controversies) seats.

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