Sunny Leone upset with her dirty habit, says she 'suffered embarrassment'

Sunny Leone is a great actor and is winning everyone's heart with her work. Sunny has worked with many big stars and Sunny Leone has a good fan list on social media. Her list of fans supports her at every opportunity. Sunny Leone is very flirtatious but she is very upset about one of her habits. She revealed about it on Kareena Kapoor's show 'What Women Wants'. In fact, Sunny recently revealed her dirty habit to Kareena Kapoor Khan by sharing her pain. She said that she has suffered many times because of one of her habits.

In fact, Kareena Kapoor Khan had asked Sunny Leone when she was a guest on her show What Women Want that 'there is something she has never done in her life.' But they think they should have done it. Replying to this question, Sunny said, "She is very introverted in her real life and socialize is not very active. She said, 'There was one thing I should have done at the very beginning was to be social. I am very bad at meeting and talking to people. I talk to very few people in real life. This has caused me a lot of embarrassment in my social life.''

Talking to Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sunny also praised her husband Daniel Weber. She explained, "She considers herself very lucky to have Daniel in her life. In fact, Sunny said that Daniel takes responsibility not only for the house but also for the children. From changing children's diapers to washing dishes in the kitchen. Sunny is getting trolled for her song Madhuban at the moment and people are calling her bad.

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