Video: Girls on TikTok are glueing their lips to make them bigger...

Sep 11 2019 05:56 PM
Video: Girls on TikTok are glueing their lips to make them bigger...

Many videos keep coming on social media. Due to this, a challenge is made on social media. Till now you have heard many types of challenges and also know how these strange challenges surprise people. The video-sharing app TikTok has become the hub of viral video. There are many challenge trends at TikTok. A strange challenge is going on right now. Whose name is Super Glue Lip Challenge. This challenge has been going on for some days now, which is very strange.

Let us tell you, girls are completing this challenge by making videos. In this video, girls are using glue to make lips look beautiful. By the way, the lips of socialite Kim Kardashian and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolly are well liked, because their lips are slightly elevated. To look just like that, girls are gluing them on the lips. Which makes lips look bulging. It is very strange to hear, but it is also becoming quite viral.

In this challenge, the girls first apply glue on the lips and stick the lips upwards. After which she applies lipstick on the lips. This lifts their lips upwards. Let me tell you, a Twitter user named Shafiq has shared this TikTok video. He wrote- 'Imagine that you are talking to someone and your lips are accidentally down.' Experts said that this challenge can prove to be very dangerous. If excess glue is applied, there may be scarring on the lips. Even skin infections can occur.

Keep these things in mind:
1. Wash the lips with warm water.
2. Keep in mind, if the gum comes out, do not let it come in contact with the tongue.
3. If your lips are not moving, see a doctor immediately. Do not take any kind of treatment by yourself.

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