Superstition rules the roost: Couple kills daughters in Andhra

Jan 27 2021 03:37 PM
Superstition rules the roost: Couple kills daughters in Andhra

In a bizarre superstition- related incident, two women in their twenties killed by their highly educated parents in Chittoor, Andhra  Pradesh. Police arrested the parents who allegedly killed their children believing they would come alive after cleansing evil in their bodies, Chittoor SP Senthil Kumar said on Wednesday. The official said the arrests were made on Tuesday and the couple was remanded to judicial custody.

"The couple was coherent in their versions as to why they killed their daughters. They may be having some mental issues but they are highly superstitious and highly spiritual," "The parents were of a delusional opinion that their daughters possess evil spirits and would come back alive afresh (after their death). We were told that their daughters were also under the same impression," the official
Kumar told. Kumar said it appears the victims were bludgeoned using a blunt object such as dumbbell. The parents killed the daughters thinking that they would come alive and all four of them could live happily afterwards, he added.

When asked about their mental condition, the police official said they cannot comment on that at this juncture. The highly educated couple had earlier allegedly killed their daughters, hoping that they would come back to life within hours due to spiritual power as the Kaliyuga ends, turning into the Satya Yuga, police had said on Monday.

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