Supreme Court issues guidelines on crimes against women to all courts

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has prepared a guideline based on comments by high courts and lower courts on crimes against women across the country. The apex court on Thursday, in a judgment, has ruled out a guideline on crime against women, rejecting the Madhya Pradesh verdict in which the accused of sexual assault was granted bail on the condition of binding the rakhi from the victim.

High Court of Madhya Pradesh had recently granted bail to the accused in the molestation case and had laid down the rakhi from the victim. The court's decision was challenged by nine women lawyers. Women lawyers said the decision was against the principles of law. The attorney general also termed the decision as reprehensible.

Supreme Court's Guide Line on Crime against Women:-

- Ensure full protection to the court victim before granting bail to the accused. There is no need to place a condition of reconciliation between the victim and the accused.
- If the complaint of pressure on the part of the accused is received from the victim, the court should categorically warn the accused that he will not contact the victim in any case.
- In all cases, the complainant may be informed that the accused has been granted bail along with the grant of bail. Also, a copy of the bail conditions may be provided within two days.
- The same stereotype approach should not be adopted to fix the conditions for the grant of bail in each case.
- The court does not give suggestions, the condition of reconciliation, or compromise on your behalf. - Courts must know the propriety of their jurisdiction or rights. And should not cross their limits which can hurt one's sentiment. 
- The sensitivity should appear at every step. The court should also have a sense of anguish everywhere in the debate, order, and judgment. In particular, the judges should be more careful, sensitive when speaking so that the victim's confidence does not waiver or affect the impartiality of the court.

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