Survey shows 65% of houses in Delhi are experiencing Pollution related Ailments

The pollution in the capital city is worrying everyone in the country and the globe. As per the recent study, one or more individuals in 65% households of Delhi is experiencing issues related to pollution.  47% are facing cold, cough or sore throat issues, while 26% are have burning eyes, and 30% are facing breathing difficulties. The air pollution reaches very low in Delhi and surrounding regions every winter, when smoke generating combines with the suspended water droplets in the lower atmosphere to form a thick blanket of noxious smog. The patients with breathing difficulties started to report in higher numbers. 15,500 People from Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad were surveyed.

The survey primarily asks the citizens with air quality deteriorated by 400 per cent in last four weeks and AQIs now in the 250-350 range, what they and their family were experiencing. About 29% said one or more members at home have cough, cold, sore throat, 6% said one or more members at home have burning eyes, 12% said one or more members at home already having difficulty breathing, while 18% said all of the above. 35% said all members of the family are doing fine so far. This shows that 65% households of Delhi have one or more individuals who have started experiencing pollution related ailments.

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The next question was their plan of preparation to face 3X deterioration of AQI in the next 3-4 weeks. 6% said they are planning to travel out for some or most of this period, 21% said they will stay indoors, increase intake of immunity foods and drinks and bear it, 12% said they will use air purifiers along with the immunity boosting nutrition, while 24 % said they will carry on routine activity and wear mask when outdoors. Over 25 % said they will carry on routine activity and wear mask when outdoors, increase intake of immunity foods or drinks, while 9% said they will not do any of the above and just live with it.

9-year-old Licypriya Kangujam demonstrating against air pollution

The results of this survey show that only 12% citizens of Delhi-NCR will use air purifiers to reduce the impact of pollution; a large majority will just live with it and increase the intake of immunity foods and drinks. Intake of warm fluids, adding black pepper, turmeric and other spices or ayurvedic remedies is what many people do in these times.

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