Sushant Suicide Case: A dazzling life turns into darkness as the curtain falls

Jul 07 2020 03:23 PM
Sushant Suicide Case: A dazzling life turns into darkness as the curtain falls

In the last few months, many actors of Hindi cinema have said goodbye to this world. Many veteran artists have said goodbye to the world this year. The shocking name in all of this is Sushant Singh Rajput. This is because this rising star of Bollywood deliberately said goodbye to this world. He embraced the noose hanging in his house in Mumbai last month. Such a move by a famous and cheerful actor is not appealing to the people of the country yet. The people of the country have divided into two parts, a section which is considering Sushant's suicide as a suicide, while there is also a section which is looking at Sushant's suicide from another perspective. Amidst all this, many of Sushant's fans are demanding a CBI inquiry through social media, along with his father had also raised the issue of seeking a CBI inquiry in the past.

Sushant Singh Rajput's PM report has also stated the cause of death as suicide, although millions of his fans still see something black in the pulse. In the Sushant Suicide case, the police have interrogated Sushant's friend, close and many faces of the film industry as well, but the police have not yet seen anything different from the normal suicide.

Over time, the issue of the demand for CBI inquiry in Sushant Suicide case is getting deeper. At present, the Mumbai Police has taken the reins of the case in its hands. With Sushant Singh's untimely departure from this world, many secrets and questions have also gone away with him. Hindi cinema has always been in controversy. In fact, the glare that is seen on screen and in the award show, behind the screen, this glare is turned into darkness and it is said that this has happened to Sushant Singh as well. Everyone is saying that the industry has lost a unique star and a rising talent. It is the goodness of the industry to take this issue seriously because there is only the public who can take these stars to the sky and the work of bringing them to the ground in a moment also comes well to the people.

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