Suspended IAS M Sivasankar has no serious ailments; reports reveal

Oct 18 2020 04:39 PM
Suspended IAS M Sivasankar has no serious ailments; reports reveal

Accused of the Gold smuggling case are being arrested every day. Pendulous IAS officer M Sivasankar on Saturday underwent an angiography that revealed he had no cardiac issues, but later he grieved of back pain problem and was shifted to the state-run Medical College Hospital here. Previously, a medical bulletin issued by a private hospital where he was admitted since Friday night said that an angiography revealed he had no cardiac issues but after he complained of a bad back, a further examination found that he had a lumbar disc prolapse and required more medical attention. Hence, an opinion from a higher center was needed, the hospital added.

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Meanwhile, BJP General Secretary MT Ramesh entitled the goings-on a "drama", adding that Sivasankar's sudden sickness was as per the script prepared by the CPI-M. "Things have heated up in the probe and it's all going to go to the next level. All this drama is to prevent such scenario... many more faintings and hospital admissions are on the cards," Ramesh remarked.

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Sivasankar was taken to a clinic on Friday night soon after the Customs official visited his residence to take him for interrogation in the gold smuggling case. It was said that had he not been taken to hospital, in all likelihood, he would have been taken to the Customs office here and his arrest recorded before his transfer to the Customs headquarters in Kochi. The IAS officer has been questioned by the Customs, the National Investigation Agency, and the Enforcement Directorate ever since the gold smuggling case surfaced on July 5.

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