This work is being done to reduce risk of corona outbreak
This work is being done to reduce risk of corona outbreak

Coronavirus has completely engulfed India. In the Covid ward of hospitals, now very soon, humanoid (human-like) robots with artificial intelligence will be seen in place of nurses and ward boys. This robot will be able to do most of the tasks of nursing. Scientists from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jamshedpur are working on this project. 

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This robot is being built with the aim of protecting the healthcare staff involved in the treatment and care of coronavirus-infected patients. The engineers of NIT, Jamshedpur are trying to act as a bridge between the patients and health workers in the robot hospital. Doctors, nurses, and other para-medical staff will not have to visit the patient again and again for every need and more and more work can be done without direct contact with the patients.

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The major feature of the robot will also be its artificial intelligence. Humanoid robots are being programmed to perform various nursing tasks. This research is going on under the supervision of Dr. Vijay Kumar Dalla, Professor of Mechanical Department of NIT. According to Professor Kumar, it will take two to three months to complete this research. This research will prove to be important in healthcare. Various companies are also willing to fund this project.

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