Swara Bhaskar on 'Love Jihad', says, 'Muslim youths are proved criminals'

'Love Jihad' is once again in the discussions these days. It is being talked about making laws in different states of India. People also have different opinions about making laws on this. Some people want law made, some do not want it. Recently actress Swara Bhaskar has given her response on this. She has responded by retweeting via Twitter.

In the tweet, he wrote, 'Let's assume for a moment that love jihad actually happens and it needs to end. Then why don't you use Section 366 (forced marriage), Section 415 (fraud), Section 340 (forcible imprisonment) and Section 383 (extortion)? What is the need for a new law now? ' She has also written, 'To foment communal frenzy, to spread some more lies during the election campaign, to criminalize Muslim youth, to control Hindu women and their sexuality, the gap between communities and to deepen, to create false enemies and to spread bigamy towards them.'

After seeing this tweet, many users are praising him, while many users are calling him good and bad. Seeing his tweet, a user named Batman wrote, 'To put the love jihadis behind bars, to save Hindu women from being hunted by love jihadis, to save Hindu women from conversion. To ensure that there are no more cases like the Nikita Tomar murder case, this is a major step of the Madhya Pradesh government. The Madhya Pradesh government has announced that it will soon enact a law to stop love jihad. Since then, many people are giving their own feedback.

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