Swine flu cases back in Telangana after gap of 3 years

Hyderabad: After a gap of three years, Swine flu or H1N1 cases have been detected in Telangana, official said. The cases generally spread during monsoon, and hospitals have recorded a rise in cases over the past two weeks.

Majority of samples to be tested for the virus in the city have been sent to the Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM) at Narayanguda.  Dr. C. Sivaleela, the director of IPM, said that no samples had been sent in 2021 or 2020, but that they were now being received and that there had recently been an increase in the quantity of samples.

The director said the precautions that people were taking during the last 2  years due to Covid-19 probably curbed the spread of H1N1 too.

She said, the institute was getting samples only from Hyderabad, but usually when the cases increased, they received samples from across the state. She said the flu vaccine worked against H1N1, but it had to be taken every year.

The number of H1N1 cases being admitted to Gleneagles Global Hospital has increased in recent days, according to pulmonologist Dr. Tapaswi Krishna. Numerous patients had H1N1-specific symptoms as headache, cough, cold, stomach pain, and diarrhea but tested negative for bacterial pneumonia and Covid. The doctor noted that in such circumstances, doctors often suspected swine flu in the patients.

Only patients who are hospitalised are provided samples for testing to IPM, and occasionally OPD patients are never confirmed. Three of the five suspected H1N1 cases seen at the hospital each day, said Dr. Tapaswi. Since schools are open and it is monsoon season, practically everyone has a cough or a cold. If we test more people, we will find more cases. We haven't had any fatalities to now, but some people required care due to extremely high fevers, she said.

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