Symptoms That You May Be Having a "Magnesium Deficiency"
Symptoms That You May Be Having a

“Magnesium” is an important ingredient to so many of the body’s regulatory and biochemical systems in all areas. The body strips off magnesium and calcium from the bones during periods of functioning.

Read on to find out the symptoms of magnesium deficiency and foods that can be taken to fix them.


Calcium Deficiency

Calcium is found abundantly in the human body and is known for its role in bone and health protection. Unfortunately, most people do not meet the requirement for adequate calcium intake in their diet.

Poor heart health

Many people suffer from heart diseases. Every cell in the body requires magnesium to function properly. It is found that the risk of sudden cardiac death is due to magnesium deficiency. This is commonly found in women. That is why magnesium is prescribed for heart disease.


Early signs of magnesium deficiency include gastrointestinal disturbance; could be loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea.


Magnesium is found in tissues inside the body. This leads to leg cramps, foot pain, muscle twitches, etc. Persons with low magnesium experiences weakness most of the time.



Nuts have an excellent source of magnesium, copper, phosphorous and zinc. It has high content of antioxidants too.

Green Vegetables

Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, okra, broccoli, squash contain high level of magnesium.


Cocoa is a super food. Dark chocolate is relatively high in magnesium. It also contains antioxidants.

Therefore, magnesium is absolutely essential as we age. It plays a number of important roles in sustaining our health.

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