Conflict between Pakistan and Taliban increases after Jawahiri's death
Conflict between Pakistan and Taliban increases after Jawahiri's death

Kabul: When the Taliban was capturing power in Afghanistan, it was Pakistan that was getting the happiest at that time. However, now all the conflict between Pakistan and the Taliban has started increasing. When the Taliban accused Pakistan of allowing the US to use its airspace, Pakistan was also furious. He said that such allegations will not prove to be good for mutual relations.

It is noteworthy that the Taliban had said that Pakistan is providing airspace to US drones against Afghanistan. After which Pakistan told the Taliban that such allegations will spoil bilateral relations. Let us inform you that about a month after the death of terrorist organization Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Jawahiri, Afghanistan's interim Defense Minister Mullah Muhammad Yacoub made these allegations against Pakistan. He had said that, to the best of our knowledge, American drones enter Afghanistan via Pakistan. They use Pakistani airspace. We have told Islamabad not to allow our airspace to be used against us. According to reports, Pakistan had denied these allegations of Mullah Yakub and said that like the previous government, they are also making false allegations.

According to reports, tensions have also increased between the two countries over the border since the Taliban came to power. Pakistan says that terrorists from Afghanistan constantly attack in the border areas. Let us tell you that the death of al-Jawahiri on Afghan soil has also caused the Taliban to grieve. In the Doha deal, the Taliban promised that it would end all ties with al-Qaeda. But after al-Jawahiri in Afghanistan, questions have been raised about the credibility of the Taliban. At the same time, Pakistan has said that it is wrong to make such allegations without any evidence.

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