'Hands will be cut off,' Taliban declares punishment as per SHARIA law from mosque

Kabul: The Taliban did what was being speculated. In fact, a mosque in Kabul has declared that those found stealing or indulging in theft their hands will be cut off as according with the Sharia law of Islam. Journalist Aditya Raj Kaul took to Twitter to inform about the Taliban's announcement through the Kabul mosque.

It says that those caught red-handed in a case of theft or theft will their hands will be cut off in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Tell you that the Sharia law of Islam orders Muslims to "cut off the hands" of a criminal who has been found involved in the theft. Qur'an 5:38 says that the hands of the perpetrators of theft and dacoity should be cut off. It may be recalled that the US army has now returned from Afghanistan. The Taliban, the terror group, is now ruling there. Tell you that under the Taliban rule, the killers are punished for public execution, cutting the hands and feet of robbers and thieves, and stoning and whipping adulterators.

In Afghanistan, the menace of Taliban militants is on the rise. Taliban Islamic terrorists are crossing all limits of brutality and killing innocent people. In the past, the Taliban killed a 21-year-old girl only because she was dressed tight and had no male relatives with her.

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