Taliban Govt makes it illegal for media outlets to organise conferences

According to media organisations, the Taliban government in Afghanistan prevented media outlets from holding a press conference in Kabul due to concerns about the country's media situation.  The conference was supposed to take place in Kabul on Wednesday.

The conference will be attended by 11 representatives from various media organisations, according to the Afghanistan Journalist Center.

"All national and international media outlets were covering it," Ali Asghar Akbarzada, the head of the Afghanistan National Journalists' Union, stated. "Unfortunately, the conference was cancelled owing to a verbal instruction from authorities of the Islamic Emirate."

The Islamic Emirate, according to members of the Afghanistan National Journalists Union, told them not to organise the conference until they had authorization. "We urge the Islamic Emirate to make a final choice in the near future. They should make a decision as quickly as feasible and issue us with a permission so that we can hold our conference "According to Akbarzada.

The Taliban government did not say whether the conference of media outlets was prohibited or not, but it did say that it remains supportive of the media in accordance with Islamic regulations.

Since the Taliban rose to power in Afghanistan, over 43% of media activities have been curtailed, and over 60% of media professionals have lost their jobs, according to media sources.

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