'Pick up the girl you want over 12 years,' Taliban enforces Sharia law in its occupied area

Kabul: A fierce war has begun in Afghanistan and the Taliban, the terror group, seems to be weighing heavily on the Afghan government in the cross-border war. With the control of the capitals of two states, the Taliban have enacted Sharia law in the areas under their control and given the freedom to their fighters to take girls and widows older than 12 years of age whenever they want. At the same time, it has come to light that Pakistan is playing a very dirty game in Afghanistan, killing innocent people of Afghanistan and strengthening the Taliban.

With regard to Taliban 2.0, people expected that after more than 20 years of living in caves, at least the Taliban would have learned to respect democracy and give up religious fanaticism. But, looking at the situation in Afghanistan, it seems that the Taliban's thinking and method are the same as that of the old tribes. The Taliban captured Kabul 25 years ago and now it is reported that the Taliban has completely captured 218 districts in Afghanistan, while the Afghan government has only 120 districts left. Out of them also, there are only 99 districts where elections are held. In a way, the Taliban has become stronger than the Afghan government.

Intelligence reports from Afghanistan to New Delhi said the Taliban has now crossed all limits of atrocities against girls. The Taliban has issued fatwas for girls and widows older than 12 years in Badakhshan, Takhar, and Ghazni provinces. The fatwa says Taliban fighters can voluntarily take girls and widows older than 12 years with them whenever they want. That is, we can guess what level of poverty these terrorists may be doing to the little girls. According to reports, Taliban militants are hunting and looting the family members of security forces by conducting house-to-house searches.

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