The electric car was kept for charging, entire house burnt down

A pair in the US have claimed that the popular electric car Tesla Model S was fitted with it at night for a charge during which their home has seen huge losses. The car caught fire while charging and the fire spread to the other Tesla car in attendance after which their entire house was burnt down. According to reports received, Yogi and Caroline Windum live in San Ramon, California. The case took place on December 30 last year and even after 8 months of the incident, the couple has not been able to return home.

According to the Windum couple, they lost more than $1 million in the accident. The Windum couple told the discussion that we woke up at 5.37 am due to a car alarm. We saw smoke spreading all over the house. We were very nervous to see this. If we were sleeping in the upper part of our house that night, our chances of survival were very difficult.

The same Yogi Windum further said that we have the 2013 Tesla Model S85. We left this electric car for overnight charging. The car caught fire while charging and also caught fire in another Tesla car parked there. This led to such a dangerous explosion that the trials of the garage doors were blown away. The couple said the blast had damaged not only the garage but also two more rooms and a bathroom. The couple has not suffered any injuries in the accident as they were sleeping in the back of the house.

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