Is it forbidden in Christianity to hoist the 'tricolour' and salute it?

Bangalore: The issue of the Christian principal not saluting the tricolour on Independence Day in Tamil Nadu is getting bigger. The principal says I am a Christian, and will not salute the tricolour. Our religion does not allow this. According to media reports, this case is from the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. The principal of a government school here had flatly refused to hoist and salute the national flag on the occasion of Independence Day celebrations. Knowing the reason he gave behind this, you will be forced to think that there are such people in the country.

Refusing to salute the tricolour, the woman Christian principal has given the reason that her religion forbids her from saluting anyone other than her God. The incident took place at an event held at the school on August 15. At the same time, the tricolour was hoisted by the assistant headmaster as the principal did not hoist the tricolour. It is also coming to light that Tamil Selvi, the female Christian principal of the school, refused to even hoist the tricolour. It is being told that the woman had refused to hoist the tricolour in the same way last year. Let me tell you that she is also going to retire from service this year. At the same time, a complaint has been submitted to the Chief Education Officer (CEO) of Dharmapuri regarding this matter.

In a viral video related to the case, the woman Christian principle is also seen arguing that insulting is not the reason behind not hoisting her national flag or not saluting. She said, 'We only salute God and no one else. We respect the flag, but we will only salute God. So, we asked the assistant headmaster to hoist the flag.'

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