Man's hand stuck in toilet while trying to take out car keys
Man's hand stuck in toilet while trying to take out car keys

The case that has come up recently is from Madurai in Tamil Nadu. A 29-year-old man went to the toilet and dropped the key of his car there, after that when he started removing the key, his hand got stuck. The man's name is K Manimran and he is a resident of Thanjavur.

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When he went to the toilet, he dropped his car key and after that, he put his hand in the toilet, but his hand could not come out again. During this time his hand was stuck there and for thirty minutes he kept screaming for help but no one came. The toilet in which his hand was stuck, he was at the petrol pump and when the employees working at the petrol pump came towards him, they heard the voice. He then noticed that the toilet was locked from inside.

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The police and rescue department was told about the incident and both went there on the spot. While there he made a hole with the drilling machine and then reached the PVC pipe where the man's hand was stuck. He then applied some oil to his hand and exhaled her hand. There is no fracture in his hand and from this toilet, he also got a mobile phone, which is of someone else.

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